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Customer Relationship Management - What is it and how can we help?

All businesses want to better understand their customers, their purchasing potential and their behavioural patterns. The easiest way to assess this myriad of data is through a central Customer Relationship Management system (CRM).

Working with the SugarCRM system, Sotic has created a comprehensive sport specific CRM platform for clients that will fully integrate data feeds from third parties as well as the Sotic solution. MatchDayCRM manages all competition data, ezine subscribers, shop orders, ticket purchases and member data that is viewable, searchable and sortable from one single database.

SugarCRM is a very powerful database management tool that can be used throughout an organisation so that all communications and behavioural activity of customers, potential stakeholders and business contacts can be tracked. Taking these feeds from all the data collection points and feeding them into MatchDayCRM provides a single view of the customer base assisting with more cleverly targeted communications and promotional activity.

The CRM platform provides a range of additional tools beyond the storage of data including extensive reporting for different user groups, the ability to segment, document management, customisable dashboards, social and mobile integration and compatibility with most mail providers and multi-language and currency support.

MatchDayCRM has various degrees of complexity and clients can choose the level they wish to engage, the depth of integration and number of plug-ins and modules required. The cost of the product covers hosting and price per individual user licence. Sotic will work with you to ensure the product is set up to suit your sport and your needs giving you complete control of all aspects of your data.

CRM is not just about having the right technology, it's also about the analysis and interpreting of data and how best to use the findings to improve interaction and revenues.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, please contact the Sotic Marketing team on +44 (0)207 691 2450 or email

MatchdayCRM Gallery

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MatchdayCRM Functionality

The delivered CRM solution includes, but is not limited to, the functionality listed below: -

Customer base - Leads, Contacts and Accounts

  • Central database of key information about accounts and contact persons, shared by all departments,
  • Creating advanced hierarchical structures, both between accounts and contact persons,
  • Registry of leads, that is potential customers, starting from first contact up to acquiring the status of a client,
  • Advanced options of managing and tracking the status of leads,
  • Automatic generation of new leads from e-mail and web-to-lead form,
  • Simple conversion of leads, without having to re-enter information,
  • Advanced management of duplicates,
  • 360º view of your customers - all existing activities, sales opportunities, sold products, etc. in a single summary view.


  • Managing activities such as: meetings, calls, e-mails, tasks and notes,
  • Planning and registering of activities in regard to a specific client, along with the possibility drawing up an adequate note,
  • Preview of the history of all activities,
  • Mechanism of effective notifications about upcoming events - both via e-mail and a popup window,
  • Ability to invite other participants to the activities, along with the mechanism of acceptance/rejection of invitations,
  • Archiving of sent/received e-mails,
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird for archiving e-mails,
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird and Google Apps for archiving e-mails and calendar and contacts synchronization.


  • Ability to track the entire sales process, from initial interest in the services or products, right up to closing the transaction (won or lost),
  • Sales opportunity management - determining the probability and expected close date, current sales stage, lead source, next step and anticipated opportunity amount,
  • Registry of lost opportunities (along with losing reasons) in order to minimize the number of lost transactions,
  • Reporting sales performance divided by sales representatives, stage and lead source,
  • Observing pipeline and implementing optimal sales strategies,
  • Independent creation of advanced, custom sales reports and charts,
  • Sales forecasting - setting team and personal targets in certain periods, current performance control, forecast of potential profits,
  • Generation and registration of quotes, sales invoices and other sales documents.


  • Ties in with MatchdayMail for Campaign Management reporting
  • Campaign Management option within CRM

Collaboration and Communications

  • Management of projects and individual project tasks in within executed undertakings,
  • Ability to visualize scheduled tasks on the Gantt chart,
  • Delegation of tasks in case of required cooperation with other employees over a specific issue,
  • Ability to define advanced notification mechanism in case of failing to execute a task within specified time, to both assigned person and their supervisor,
  • Following the most important activities in the system and company messages through Sugar Activities,
  • Quick exchange of files of any format and possibility of collaborative work and versioning of Accounts documents with a simple data repository,
  • Sharing and common structure of registered data allows for quick and efficient access to the information entered by other employees.


  • Possibility of multi-criterial data filtering, using a mechanism of regular expressions,
  • Exporting search results to CSV,
  • Global search, efficiently searching the entire database of the system,
  • Graphic visualization of the company's condition thanks to built-in charts,
  • Possibility of creating custom advanced reports,
  • Tabular and graphical reports,
  • Exporting results of the report (e.g. a selected target group) to CSV or PDF,
  • Scheduling of reports - cyclic shipment of current reports to defined users.


  • Automatic generation of email notifications about the assignment of a record to a user,
  • Notification about upcoming events,
  • Workflow mechanism - possibility of creating any number of sales process paths,
  • Stand-alone defining of email notification and conditions of the shipment,
  • Stand-alone defining of system actions (e.g. creating a new record, updating an existing record) based on specific conditions,
  • Defining of the calculation formulas for any fields,
  • Creating templates of any PDF files using the WISYWIG editor.

Mobile Applications

  • Ability to use the system from anywhere using any mobile device (web browser),
  • Dedicated applications for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android devices, allowing for the data to be accessed offline.
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